The Future of Travel

The Future Of Travel

Travel will return, and more of us will travel, although our airplanes might look different   There is no doubt that international travel will recover to its pre-2020 levels in the near future. After all, are you able to name even one person who no longer wishes to travel after spending months working from home,…

best exchange rates for Thai Baht

Want a Baht debit card?

Get the best exchange rates for Thai Baht (and probably every other currency)   Living in Thailand has so many benefits, like the endless blue skies and sunny days, amazing food choices, cheap exotic fruits and being maximum an hour’s flight from some of the world’s best beaches. But there are a few downsides, especially…

The Sukhothai Bangkok

The Sukhothai Bangkok

Remodelled after the ancient Kingdom of Sukhothai, one of the former capitals of Siam, The Sukhothai Hotel is one of Bangkok’s finest offerings. Driving along South Sathorn Road, the hotel is unassuming, but inside the simple and elegant entrance a miniature kingdom awaits.