When you think ‘destination wedding‘ and ‘Thailand‘ what might jump to your mind is a white sandy beach, azure sea and palm trees decorated in fairy lights. Well, that setting might be better appreciated during your honeymoon: just imagine shaking sand off your wedding attire or the hot sun melting off your make up! Beach weddings aren’t what they are made out to be. Instead make way to cooler north, where not only are there countless interesting backdrops for your Chiang Mai wedding photography, stunning hotels and lower temperatures but the cost of weddings is also cheaper here (so you can bring everyone in your, and their, extended family). It’s hard to deny the discreet charm the city and its surroundings have. It is a place you can experience the old, feel the present and meditate about the future. Isn’t that a little bit like what you and your future hubby are looking forward to doing? Finding a place to inspire you as a new couple and also explore and make memories together as your prelude to the actual wedding. You can also take some great pre-wedding photos (for those of you who don’t know what a pre-wedding is, it is similar to an engagement photography session but with full wedding attire and very popular with Chinese and other Asian cultures). As any girl knows, the photos are extremely important – you’ve found the gown and it now needs an amazing background to boast its full glory – so we’ve created a full run down on Chiang Mai wedding photography spots for you to look amazing. 

Not sold yet? Wondering if Chiang Mai will enamor you and your soon-to-be beau? We’ve compiled a list for all tastes (seriously, check it below) – from luxury to rustic, let us woo you. And what better way than exploring a new and exciting city while relieving some of that wedding planning stress? As they say in Thailand, Sabai-Sabai!

Plus, at the end of it, reward yourselves with a couple’s 5 hour traditional Thai spa treatment, a luxury dining experience and a stay in a luxury boutique hotel. For everything wedding and honeymoon related, plan your holiday with Luxurious Chiang Mai. But meanwhile plan yourChiang Mai wedding photography with these 19 amazing spots. We are letting you borrow the locations so may you also find something old (the city), something new (your marriage) and something blue (the sky)!

1. Rati Lanna

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Usher in this new phase with smooth sailing. Drift down Ping River on a traditional scorpion long tail boat, then disembark at Rati Lanna Resort’s private pier. From there explore the lush grounds of this colonial style resort. All intuitively designed in rich Lanna-style.

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2. Thapae Gate

One of the five original city gates. Thapae Gate is the epicenter of the city for major events, depending on the time of year, you might wind up getting a real splash at Songkran Festival or see your paper-lantern drift into the sky during Loy Kratong. Either way, it’s a little piece of history that is photogenic – all day and night.

3. The Heritage HG


Missing a little bit of home or wondering how you can bring a little European flair to Thailand? Chiang Mai Wedding Photography has got that covered. More accurately: The Heritage HG has. This boutique bed & breakfast has blended elements of French and English gardens into their grounds. Who knew that a hillside terraced garden looked so good with a lotus pond? Just fawn all over the details inside and outside.

4. Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens

This city really is for nature lovers and what would Chiang Mai wedding photography be without the presence of flowers? Should you need some inspiration for your bouquet, Queen Sirikit’s manicured gardens are just the place! Find unique environments in the themed greenhouses or if you aren’t afraid of heights to venture out to the canopy walkway.

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    5. Dhara Dhevi


Connect to your inner empress at Dhara Dhevi. Its stately colonial exuberance might make you think you’ve stepped back in time. You might even be tempted to re-enact the Hollywood movie, “The King and I”. The luxurious tropical grounds were crafted to match the traditional Lanna culture. It’s hard not to feel serene here, amidst the paddy fields and the unfiltered beauty of the Northern countryside.


6. Four Seasons Mae Rim


Tucked within the Mae Rim Valley the Four Seasons Chiang Mai feels like a world of its own. A luxury, relaxing hideaway. Be-gone tuk tuk honking! Wander about their gardens, whether by foot or bike across paddy fields for that perfect photo spot. Our extra tip is going by the infinity pool facing rice fields.

7. Rustic & Blue Farm

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They have a café in town but outside of Chiang Mai, at Tha Sala, is their ultra-cozy farm. There they host yearly communal festive dinners but also private events. It’s all about that vintage country house feel. Great for Chiang Mai Wedding Photography or for parties. The ambiance is intimate enough that you feel part of this place. Bonus points is that the food completely tastes just as good as it looks.

8. Old City

The city itself is your playground! Hop on a songthaew, Uber or a scooter (wear your helmets!), let Chiang Mai show you what might strike your eyes, either one of the small coffee shops, the flower market, Warorot Market (pictured above) or just the lively street during the day. Be spontaneous and bring out your shenanigans.

9. Shrines, temples, Wats

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A “wat” is a Buddhist temple in Thailand. The city of Chiang Mai is home to over 300 temples, each one unique. To name a few notable ones, there is Doi Suthep which overlooks the city of Chiang Mai, Wat Chedi Luang in the historic centre and Wat Phan Tao which is made of teak. Little advice, please cover shoulders and avoid wearing short clothing as a sign of respect to the temple.

10. A close encounter with a Thai Elephant

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Getting up close and personal with these gentle giants might seem a little too tourist-trappy, but if you go with the ethical options your reward might be unforgettable memories. Not all Chiang Mai wedding photography needs to include elephants, you can go separately without your dress. Elephant Nature Park’s one-day visit is a popular choice for you to interact with rescued elephants, or ask your hotel to recommend an ethical (no chair-riding) experience.

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11. Veranda Chiang Mai

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Outside of Chiang Mai, on the edge of a hill village, this glam resort is away from all the city noise. What’s interesting about this resort is that there are two zones, one that has been designed in heritage Lanna style and the other in Contemporary Veranda (which translates to two settings in 1 location!). Their high infinity pool also showcases the ultimate view and glorious water reflection at magic hour.

12. Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

13. 137 Pillars House

This small luxury hotel is beautifully designed and recently won Travel + Leisure magazines #1 resort in Southeast AsiaElegant design flows here in a very well balanced marriage of colonial, modern and vintage. Relax and perhaps catch a power nap on the welcoming daybeds at the verdant gardens.

14. Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

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Not far from the old city, and perched on the Mae Ping river banks is the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort. Aside from its luxurious grounds carefully designed in contemporary Thai style, their infinity pool is surrounded by a lotus pond is quite the sight for those perfect reflection snaps. They also offer a fabulous afternoon tea, as well as a secret dining room.

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15. Akyra Manor Chiang Mai


Looking for a more intimate shooting space, look no further than this hip high-end hotel. It’s home for the most sought after swimming pool in Chiang Mai (the bathtubs ain’t too shabby either). Its top floor pool gives you the perfect vantage point for a panoramic view of the city and well the pool’s glass side for Chiang Mai wedding photography.

16. Grand Canyon


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Chiang Mai makes up for what it lacks in shore line with plentiful other options close to water. Be its rivers, lakes or a waterfall there are lots of water bodies around. The Grand Canyon is a unique feature and great for dramatic sunsets, paddle boarding or zip lining on your wedding couture…..or just a nice and normal shot? Also completely optional (but just putting it out there), is to slide off the rubber bouncy castle and into the water.

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17. Yi Peng Lantern Festival


If you aren’t bound by strict time restraints, visit Chiang Mai during the Yi Peng Lantern Festival. At that time you watch romance rise up to meet the Full Moon. If not, most hotels can arrange a lantern release for a memorable moment.

18. The Iron Bridge


The iron bridge is definitely not a spot to miss when cruising around the town of Chiang Mai. A somewhat modern construction built as a homage to the original Nawarat Bridge which was demolished in the 1970s. With a view overhanging the Ping River it’s quite the spot on either side, day and night.


19. Four Seasons Golden Triangle


For the ultimate hideaway and an unforgettable experience, take your Chiang Mai wedding photography north to the Golden Triangle. Up in Chiang Rai province is the stunning Four Seasons Tented Camp – for thrills but still with all the frills. Luxury tented accommodations interconnected by suspended bridges? Not only will the height take your breath away, the majestic views will too!

Chiang Mai Wedding Photography #dreamphotos

That’s about it to start. Is your mind already buzzing with ideas or are you already picking out dates to arrive in Chiang Mai and go on a pre-honeymoon and photo frenzy?Has this list convinced you to change your destination pre-wedding shoot to Chiang Mai instead? For even more great places check out Luxurious Chiang Mai – it’s the perfect accompaniment to your wedding or honeymoon!

Hopefully this has inspired you and if you know a great place that we might have missed let us know in the comments or on facebookBetter yet, if you do go to any these places do let us know –> tag us in your instagram shots @luxury_chiang_mai! We’d love to see how your love is being celebrated.

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